Monday, May 09, 2005

Another day in the life of Leslie & Amy

Amy and I had another stupid Amy and Leslie adventure last week. In all honesty, it never fails to amaze me the ridiculous predicaments that we find ourselves in. We were talking about being roommates one day.... oh goodness, can you imagine the daily irony and insanity with which we would live? :)

Anyway, I had to go pick up our Starbucks shirts from Primal Screen and did not contemplate the consequences of trying to put both a person and a large box in the front seat of my car. So we put Amy in the car, and the box on top of her. I thought all would be well until I tried to shift into reverse... and my shifter would not move due to the LARGE BOX in my SMALL CAR.

So we decide to take the t-shirts out and put them in the trunk, fold the box and re-construct it at a later date. Amy proceeds to stick the tape from the box on my convertible top, for which i scolded her, and I threw mine on the ground (litter bug!). As it turns out, the now flat LARGE BOX still would not fit in my SMALL TRUNK.

So I gave the box to the man from Primal Screen and we went on our merry way. As we start driving, I start hearing this THWAP THWAP THWAP noise, which became more frequent the faster I drove. Well, since I'm an asshole and haven't rotated my tires in 10,000 miles, they are quite bald. So I hear this noise and am like, SHIT, my tire is flat!! So I quickly pulled over into the first available driveway and ran aroud to the back of my car to see what was going on.

There definitely was a long piece of tape wrapped the entire way around my tire, and the THWAP THWAP THWAP noise was the end of that piece of tape hitting my car.

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