Note From the Universe

What if it was your downtime, your lounging-in-bed-too-long time, your walkabout time, and your blow-Friday-off time that made possible your greatest achievements? Would they still make you feel guilty? Or would you allow yourself to enjoy them?


Note From the Universe

Deliberate living is very cool, but so is deliberate resting.


Note From the Universe

Don't be afraid to go where you've never gone and do what you've never done, because both are necessary to have what you've never had and be who you've never been.


Day 14 – What I WoreToday

After partaking in the "What's in my Handbag" post, I can't bring myself to do this, hence the hiatus from the 30-days-of-Leslie.

Note From the Universe

The path to enlightenment is not a path at all. It's actually a metaphor for the time it takes for you to allow yourself to be happy with who you already are, where you're already at, and what you already have - no matter what.