Double Sad

Sports injuries are the worst! Not only are you sad because you hurt yourself, you're sad because your body is having widthdrawl from all the endorphins you were once getting from exercising.

A.K.A. I'm injured, and I am really bummed out about it.

I hurt myself plenty as a kid/teen while playing softball, soccer and the like. But I haven't hurt like this for this long in years - probably since senior soccer season (that was the year they discovered my tendons weren't connected to my feet properly, but that's another story for another time). I was running 16 days ago and I decided to take a different path (mistake 1). I wanted to start looping back on my normal path, so I cut through a side street (mistake 2). It was a big hill, but since it was the day in my workout when I was supposed to be running hill intervals, I thought - no big deal! (mistake 3). I booked it up the hill and around the corner and after a couple more blocks, my knee hurt. And worse.

I ran through it (mistake 4) and got home, iced it and went to bed. The next day, it was still bothering me so I stayed off it and iced it again. Day 3 was better, so I ran on Day 4, and I only made it .75 miles. I had to walk-run for the rest of my 3-mile loop and call it quits.

Fast forward 12 (!) running-free days, and I thought I would be nice and well-rested. I went for an easy run and made it 1.71 miles before I had to walk. I did a couple short intervals after that and had to walk the last .7 home. Today, I'm back to not being able to go down steps.

I serioiusly almost cried last night becuase I am so frustrated - my race is in five weeks and there is just no way I can do it. I know I've done it before, but I won't be able to do it this time, I don't know how it's even possible. And that makes me feel like a quitter. A quitter becuase of something I can't control.


Note From the Universe

Rarely does one find the quick fix, the big win, or a home run looking forward on the horizon of time. Yet when they do their best, one day at a time, while thinking of their dreams and not the "hows," looking back they find that the quick fixes, big wins, and home runs found them.


Note From the Universe

A heartfelt compliment given for no other reason than because it's meant, is never, ever forgotten.


Note From the Universe

Go ahead want it all. Just learn to be happy before it arrives, or you may not notice when it does.



I've known the term DINK (dual income, no kids) for quite some time, but I guess I never really thought of it as something to describe James and I. Maybe because we're young or maybe because there's a posibility of us having kid (yes, singular). But the truth of the matter is, we're in our late 20s, we both (some of us more than others [; ) have paying jobs, and we've been married for (23 days shy of) 5 years. We are DINKs.

So I recently joined a site called DINKlife, and while I'm not fully active and engaged, I am at least reading the reports of active discussions coming into my email. One of today's top forums is "What do you say when someone asks you when you're going to have kids?" My dad has a good response to this when people ask when they're going to be grandparents - he tells them that only old people are grandparents - but I don't have a good retort. I typically say "We'll talk about it when I'm 30." But I may adopt some of these...

"We tried to raise some plants, but they died, so we didn't think it was a good idea to move on to something more difficult."

"Who knows, but we are having fun practicing!"

"Oh? Is there a shortage of children somewhere?"

"We don't have the budget for it. We've maxed it out on airline tickets."

"Why do you want to know?"