My recommended purchases on Amazon consist of OPI nail polish, Harry Potter paraphernalia, Alton Brown cookbooks + related cooking accessories and fitness DVDs. Am I that predictable?

Day 16 – Your first kiss

I plead the fifth. It wasn't with DH, so I don't care to re-hash.

Instead, I want to say how wonderful my husband is.... I love you, boo!

Georgia Tech Football: Whiteout vs. Miami - September 2009

Oysterfest 2010

Hoover Dam - Feb. 2010

NYC - June 2010

Destin, Fla. - July 2010

August 2010

Auburn beats Alabama - November 2010

Park Tavern -  December 2010

First Anniversary, August 2008

Mini-honeymoon, September 2007

August 25, 2007

Georgia Tech - September 2009


Note from the Universe

Low days exist to remind you that you still have choices. High days exist to remind you of how fast you rebound.


Day 15 – My Favorite Movie

I don't really watch movies. One of three things happens every time:

a) I fall asleep. There was a point in time where James wouldn't take me to the movies anymore because I fell asleep in three consecutive trips to the theater. First, I fell asleep before The Watchmen even began, then I made it through about 10 minutes of Monsters vs. Aliens and then, ::gasp:: I dozed off in the middle of Harry Potter 6. If you know me, you know this is blasphemy.

2) I get bored. This usually happens when we try to watch something at home. I'm a perpetual multi-tasker, so I cannot bring myself to sit in front of the TV and ONLY watch. I have to be cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc. etc. Inevitably, I will get up in the middle of the movie and go find something else to do.

3) I get agitated. I hate suspenseful movies, and I hate movies when, funny or not, I know some kind of awkward or uncomfortable situation is coming. I get so personally agitated that I have to get up and leave until the situation has passed.

So, clearly, I haven't seen a lot of movies, and those I have are generally old or for children -- do not expect anything too deep or too advanced. For example:

- 10 Things I Hate About You - This movie came out when I was in eighth grade, and not only did I look like the little sister, the movie had a lot of parallels to my life. I wouldn't say I have the same connection to it as I used to, but it's like a long-lost part of my past of which I can't quite let go.

 - Boondock Saints - I think half the fun of this movie is the cult following, but I also love the raw, gritty filming style and the storyline that, while in an unconventional way, ultimately teaches good behavior.

- Breakfast at Tiffany's - I am not even sure when I first watched this, but I instantly fell in love. I knew what she meant the first time I walked into Tiffany. I decorated my first guest room with BaT, and my guest bath is currently Tiffany blue. I love this movie for all that is is, and for all that Tiffany is.

- Elf - I could quote this entire movie, and it never gets old.

- Elizabethtown - My college roommate got me hooked on this movie. I think the music caught me first, and the road trips solidified it. I'd give anything to drive all over all the roads this country has to offer and see the sights that time and interstates have left behind. Kirstin Dunst's carefree nature seals the deal.
- Forest Gump - I love, love, love Tom Hanks. In fact, I'd add many of his other movies to my list of favorites, such as Philadelphia, Big, The DaVinci Code, Road to Perdition, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile... the list goes on. Essentially, he's fabulous. This movie also provides a wonderful look at American history and how even the most average person can experience and influence so much. It has a rockin' soundtrack, too.

- Harry Potter - Do I really have to explain?

- A League of Their Own - Tom Hanks! Baseball! WWII-era! All of my favorite things. :)

- Lord of the Rings - My uncle actually bought me the first two extended editions of the movies, thinking I liked them, before I ever watched either of them. James made me watch the first two and then then see the third when it was in theaters, all within two days. By the end of The Return of the King, I was crying. This is one of the few true epic stories that I've ever seen, and it has every element that a great storyline demands. The effects are spot on, the actors are phenomenal. All around a great film.

 - Talladega Nights - In my defense, I first watched and loved this movie long before I ever became a NASCAR fan. It's funny and lighthearted, and I loved cars. Now that I am slightly obsessed with NASCAR, my driver is Jamie McMurray (Losing is never fun, but here's something to keep your spirits up. It's real nice. I got it at Target. It was on sale.), AND I've been to 'dega, it's even better.

- Two Weeks Notice - Hands down, one of the funniest movies ever. I share Lucy's sarcastic sense of humor and love Hugh's accent (who doesn't?). This is a go-to for me, any time.