Note From the Universe

What if I told you that you couldn't have anymore of anything... No more friends, no more money, no more anything, until you first got happy with what you have?


Today's Three Things

1) Chi O!

2) Finishing finals + homework

3) Sleeping in after a long night of flight delays & homework


Today's Three Things

1) Unexpected, warm days

2) My Momma & Daddy

3) Family birthday brunch


Today's Three Things

1) Family photos

2) Old friends

3) Weddings


Today's Three Things

1) Watching the Smokey Mountains and Ohio River from the plane

2) Going home!

3) Swenson's burgers


Today's Three Things

1) After-class happy hour

2) Mid-afternoon ice cream

3) Applying for my job


Today's Three Things

1) Green beer :)

2) Productive days

3) James


His name is Prada...

I've been looking for new food & water bowls for Prada for some time. As it turns out, cat foot bowls are ugly. They come in bright colors and have cutsey pawprints on them. Gag.

Imagine my excitement when I see these beauties in my inbox.

Too bad they're $86(!) for the small version, as they'd look quite fab in my house.

Today's Three Things

1) not bringing my computer home from work

2)Tuesday night marathons of The Office on TBS

3) Going to bed at 11:00


Today's Three Things

1) Birthdays!

2) Chocolate-covered nanners from Sarah

3) Relaxing


Today's Three Things

1) My husband

2) My kitty

3) Fresh pineapple


Today's Three Things

1) Carmel, ice cream & espresso dessert at ONE

2) Matthew!

3) Birthdays :)


Today's Three Things

1) First-time Homebuyers Tax Credits

2) Continuing Education Tax Credits

3) Property Tax Re-assessments


Today's Three Things

1) Boondock Saints

2) Good calls with good friends

3) 6.76 miles


Today's Three Things

1) Coffee with Kristin

2) Gym time

3) Finishing papers

Note From the Universe

I bet you could do something for someone today, Leslie, who'd remember it for the rest of their life. In a good way. On your mark, get set...


Today's Three Things

1) Thrashers Hockey

2) Top-down driving

3) Junior Achievement

Death by Caffeine

Ever wondered how many cups of coffee you could drink before it killed you?

You're not the only one, so the smart folks over at Energy Fiend made a handy little calculator called Death by Caffeine. It really puts all those Red Bulls into perspective...

Daily Candy Knows Me

Today's DC was tailor-made for me.

Exhibit 1:
Invoice for Day-Ruining


Exhibit 2:
Banana Bunker


Today's Three Things

1) Spring Break

2) Sleeping in

3) Top-down driving


Today's Three Things


2) Sunshine

3) Fast cars!


Today's Three Things

1) Stew & Brew

2) reconnecting with old friends

3) philanthropy


Today's Three Things

1) cooking

2) Boondock Saints!

3) Sam Adams Noble Pil


Today's Three Things

1) Jimmie Johnson

2) Luke Bryan

3) Waffle House


Today's Three Things

1) the farmer's market

2) FINALLY getting back to the gym

3) laughing at work


Today's Three Things

1) Christmas-size snowflakes

2) Being on the news

3) Getting to talk about Garth Brooks on the news
Edit: I decided I want FOUR things today, as 12th-row Thrashers tickets are worth mentioning :)


Today's Three Things

1) Being in bed before midnight

2) Leaving work at 4 p.m.

3) Hugs