I realized I have a habit of starting a blog post and not finishing. Watch for updates on my first half marathon (March) and the State of James Address (May).

HM 2.0 - Day 3

While I didn't exactly sip water at Night Owls (happy hour for you non-Chi Omegas), I did enjoy just enough cab sav to still be up for my three-mile trek to make up for Tuesday's mishap. AND I knocked it out in 26 minutes, which isn't too shabby considering my lack of running lately and the intense humidity. Enough with it, Mother Nature!

I didn't do intervals after my run (tsk) because it was too dark for the track in the park. I cannot believe I didn't think of using the treadmill until Ryan said that's what he did. Duh. (I blame the still-present jet lag.) At any rate, we'll continue these intervals (speed training, as Hal calls it - it helps you increase your pace in long races by building endurance, I believe) throughout the next eight weeks, and Hal wants you to run at your 5K pace. I know that I can easily do a 5K in about 25 minutes, and I'd like to use this training to get that down to about 24, so I'm targeting an 8-minute mile. I found some music that helps keep that pace, and while I'm starting off with just Eminem, Gaga, MIA and Black Eyed Peas, jog.fm has a whole playlist to help you keep pace. It's amazing how much music can help you - iPods and iPhones once again make me wonder how people did anything without technology! I'll let you know how it goes today, and I mapped out how far 400 meters is from my front door so I can't make excuses in the event that I can't get to the park AND both treadmills in my gym are broken.

Until next time!



HM 2.0 - Day 2

Day 2 and I already fell off the wagon! I picked wine over running (could you blame me? The James-and-Leslie-favoriteOyster Bay Sauv Blanc was 1/2 price for a bottle at Mellow Mushroom!), so it looks like I'll be sipping water during Night Owls and doubling up tomorrow's workout...


HM 2.0 - Day 1

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't do it again... but, as Britney says, oops! I did it again: I signed up for another half marathon!

This time, I'm doing it, hopefully, right and following a real training program via Hal Higdons. I have a handy dandy spreadsheet of workouts, signed up for three training races (Atlanta's Finest 5K, Celebrate Freedom 10K and Iron Horse 15K) and enlisted a training buddy, Ryan.

Today is Day 1, and it's weird to me that Hal has you start with stretching and strength. I don't know much about strength, so I just started with my normal 23-minute Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred Level 2 routine. I'm going to have to step it up and find something else to do for the rest of the eight-week program, though.

What do you do for strength training?