Wednesday, June 07, 2006

day 1


720 miles + rush hour in st. louis + the arch = 13 hours and 15 minutes of road trip fun!

Thus far, I have learned that: Southern Illinois and Missouri only do construction during the day. At first I thought this was weird, because in Ohio, construction people work into the night. Then I realized that we do this because we have winter. Southern Illinois and Missouri have a lot more time to smooth out their roads.

I dislike semi trucks.

I also dislike the concrete walls that divide highways.

The St. Louis Arch is a design and enginering marvel. And it's beautiful.

I like road trips with my Daddy.

There are a lot of St. ____ towns in Missouri.

The Mississippi River is unimpressive in St. Louis. And dirty.

Indianapolis is pretty small. At least that's the impression I got.

I've seen cars from 32 of the 50 states in the union, plus a U.S. Government Car AND one from Quebec and several from Ontario!

I'd like to know...

Can stick shift cars have cruise control?

Where is the "Bible Belt?"

Why are roads in Missouri given letters instead of numbers?

I answered my own question!

A Missouri Supplemental Route is a state secondary road in Missouri, designated with letters. Supplemental Routes were various roads within the state which the Missouri Department of Transportation were given in 1952 to maintain in addition to the regular state routes. The goal of the secondary highway system was to place state-maintained roads within two miles of more than 95% of all farm houses, schools, churches, cemeteries and stores. The four types of roads designated as supplemental routes are:

  • Farm to market roads
  • Roads to state parks
  • Former alignments of U.S. or state highways
  • Short routes connecting state highways from other states to state routes in Missouri

Supplemental routes make up 19,064 miles (59%) of the state highway system.


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