Wednesday, June 08, 2005

good book...

I just finished an absolutley amazing book - Whores on the Hill by Colleen Curran. Honestly, it just made me think about stuff like I never have before...

Summary: Three high school chicks in the mid 80's- all punk rock, some too pretty, some too rich, some just too fucked up for their own good, living too fast too young but having fun, at the last all girls school in a shitty Midwestern city, namely Milwuake. They're 15. Sophomores.

I liked it becuase for once, a book about teenagers was not written for teenagers. Elizabeth is reading "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" right now, and although it was a decent book, I wasn't a big fan. Too perfect, too ideal, too much like what everyone wants their teenage years to be. "Whores" wasn't a happy book and it didn't have a happy ending. It was real, raw and in-your-face. It didn't sugar coat anything. And wow, did it make me think.

What it made me think the most about was that maybe we shouldn't live so much in the moment. It made me wonder, are some of the things that happen "in the moment" (i know, i know, that's cliche), or things that we do without really thinking about it.. those aren't all just little random events. Everything that happens is part of the big picture. Everything will have a later effect on your life, whether it be big or little. Maybe it'll only be that you will relive that moment, or day... and what is sombering to remember is that those moments and memories aren't always pleasant. Maybe your night out with your best friends where you're "having the time of your life" ends up being the night that changes your life, for good or for bad. Maybe it just provides a haunting moment, something that will trouble you for years. Basically, I just wonder, is everything random and spontaneous that you do something that you're going to want to have to remember later?

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