Friday, June 09, 2006

did you know...?

That Interstate 40 in Texas has different speed limits for day and night? They are 70 and 65, respectively.

That Missouri has unmarked police cars that are Dodge Chargers?

That I can't think of anything exciting to see in Oaklahoma except the Oaklahoma City National Memorial?

That Yukon, Oaklahoma, has a water tower proclaiming it as the home of Garth Brooks?

That the Painted Desert in Arizona is so beautiful that it literally takes your breath away?

That seatbelts provide very good protection during car accidents, but do not provide good suntans?

That Texas is so in love with itself that it has Texas-shaped grills at its first rest area in the state on I-40?

That Route 66 crosses most of the Southwest and goes all the way to the Santa Monica pier?

That New Mexico has signs telling you to "beware of snakes?"

That New Mexico's signs warning of wind gusts say that "strong winds may exist" (it makes it sound like they could be fictional... like "ghosts may exist"...or maybe it's just me?)?

That New Mexico has "Safety Cooridors," (which I feel are only near civilized places so police don't have to patrol the boonies) that impose double fines for speeding and make you turn your headlights on, then remid you to turn them off when you leave the safety cooridor?


that's all I have for now...

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