Saturday, June 18, 2005

what happened to prince charming?

Who is this guy
the knight in shining armor
on his white horse
that rescues you from danger,
sweeps you off your feet
and carries you into the sunset.
He takes you to his castle
and makes you his queen
in a life of luxury
with talking clocks,
balls every night
and never a problem in his fairy-tale world.
Prince charming?
I think he’s an urban legend.

Now, the guy who impresses you
the pink-popped-collar-polo boy
in his tricked out Honda Civic
who invites you to his parties,
gives you the "good beer"
and takes you home when you’re wasted.
He invites you to his house
expects you to stay the night
in his dirty mess
with five roommates
keggers every night
and school the next morning.
Prince charming?
I don’t think so.

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