Thursday, July 07, 2005

Please explain to me why a FedEx man and a Ameritech man came to get ice cream together in a SBC truck?

Also, I had yet another random life occurrence.
I had to call the American Institute of Philanthropy, which is located in Chicago, to get quotes for an article I was writing. I was explaining to the woman on the phone who I was and where I was from and she told me she knew of the Kent Stater because she grew up in the town next to Kent.
I said, oh, I'm from Rootstown, where are you from?
She says, Ravenna. I went to high school with someone who has the same last name as you. Her name was Samantha.
Oh yes, that is my cousin.
Of all the organizations I could have called, and of all the people they could have transferred me to!

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