Procrastination is a Dirty Drug

Since I have been falling victim to procrastination of late, I thought this article from the Harvard Business Review blog was quite timely AND helpful! Paraphrased....

Ways to Avoid Procrastination
1. Figure out what's holding you back
Ask yourself why -- is it something you don't like to do or something you don't know how to do? Once you've identified why you've put something off, you can break the cycle and prevent future bouts of procrastination.

2. Set deadlines for yourself
Create a schedule with clear due dates for each piece. Small wins make the work more manageable and contribute to your sense of progress.

3. Increase the rewards
Focus on short-term rewards and/or embed the reward into the task itself.

4. Involve others
Ask for help, turn to a trusted colleague or a friend or look for an example as a starting point. Share what you are working on and hold each other accountable.

5. Get in the habit
It's a habit you can cultivate.

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