Recycling: it's so hot right now

I intended to post this in honor of Earth Day, but a final and two group projects followed by one gloriously sunny three-day weekend got in the way of even my best-laid plans...

At any rate, my most recent purchase is super exciting: four 14-gallon stackable recycling bins! Despite the fact that it took me two trips to fit all four in my car, they're definitely one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I've been wanting to recycle since I moved down here, but I never had a) bins b) somewhere to put the bins c) someone to take the bins d) somewhere to take the bins.

After much searching, I've found somewhere to take my goodies AND coerced James and the big white bus to take them. But the hardest part was the bins -- I'm sure I could have found some or just used some kind of plastic storage container, but the challenge is finding the space to keep four to five of them. My dad built a handy dandy rack at the old house and now has brackets on the wall at the new house. Unfortunately, we have neither the interior space to do this, nor the exterior walls that can take nails (stucco and hardy plank are HARD).

Then, one day, at the store at work -- there they were! Beautiful green and black recycle bins with lids, that stack!. Now we're the proud owners of four neat, clean, stacked bins for paper, glass, plastic and cans. Call me a nerd, but it makes me feel a lot better to know all that garbage isn't going into the compacter each week! :)

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