I wanna go fast!


It's unfortunate that I didn't get that job last year at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, as I've recently developed a large interest in NASCAR. It is fortunate, however, that I love my current job AND it introduced me to NASCAR, all without having to drive to Hampton, Ga., every day.

I've been doing some research and writing on our NASCAR sponsorships at work -- Irwin sponsors Jamie McMurray, Lenox sponsors Jeff Burton and the Lenox Industrial Tools 301, and Sharpie sponsors the Sharpie 500. In the process, I've learned about a lot of races and where they are, and now I'm actually interested in watching.

That, and I do love me a little Talladega Nights.

At any rate, I really want to go to Talladega -- I keep hearing commercials about it being the 40th anniversary of the speedway, and I want to go!

And people think I'm a northerner...

Oddly enough -- as I was just about to push "Publish Post," the announcer in Talladega nights said: "And Jamie McMurray is in first place..." and then Ricky Bobby beat him, driving backwards, and said "Hey Jamie, I have a little something that will lift your spirts..."

Never noticed that before! :)

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