LiLo's 6126

I was browsing the Ellen Web site, looking for what day our Graco products will be featured as part of the Mother's Day celebration, when I came across items featured on recent shows. One of the logos was for something called 6126, and featured a golden silhouette. I was intrigued so I clicked through. Seeing Lindsay Lohan on the home page was a slight turnoff, but I thought I'd give the clothes a look anyway.

The "Super Stars" page was only leggings and one pair of leg warmers. Leggings are $99-132. Spring Style leggings are $68-130. The denimn-look "Velvet Rope" leggings are $110.

And that's it. I remember hearing that LiLo had a line of tights -- but ONLY tights, and at that price? No way. The line's so-called muse, Marilyn Monroe, would be dissappointed.

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