Money-saving Diet Tips

1: Why buy overpriced microwave popcorn when you can throw some kernels in a paper bag and zap it. Cost: pennies.

2: Peel & freeze a bunch of bananas. When you’re craving soft serve, whirl one up in the blender and top with a spoonful of chocolate chips. Cost: 25¢.

3: Spare yourself the expense (and fat) of certain fast-food breakfasts by scrambling an egg in a mug, nuking it, and slipping it into a pita. Cost: 50¢, maybe.

4: Make insta-soup from wilted veggies and a Parmesan rind. Throw in the carcass of a picked-over roasted chicken and Grandma will applaud. Cost: a buck.

5: Why buy pricey pre-frozen fruit? Just wash, bag, and freeze your own for smoothies, yogurts, muffins, and breads. Cost: priceless!

via Daily Worth

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