Half Marathon, Day 31

I had to take another two days off due to my neck/back. More on that later - you won't believe what my X-rays looked like!

Today, I took to the streets with my friend Brittany to see what the race course looks like. She was SUCH a trooper - she runs 3-4 miles a day, but has never run more than 4.5 miles at a time. She ran a whole 6.6 miles before she wanted to stop to walk! While we didn't keep my normal pace and walked about 4 miles, it was nice to have some company, espeically because the first part of the course goes through some kind-of sketchy neighborhoods. Safety in numbers!

Overall, the course wasn't as hilly as I expected. There's a killer hill around mile 5-ish, but just enough to give you a good burn and keep going. I feel a lot better having done it, and may go out again this Saturday.

11.6 miles
11'26" pace (not bad considering we walked more than 2 miles)

+ (I accidentally turned off my GPS when we stopped for water. But, thanks, Starbucks App for allowing us to purchase a beverage!)

1.79 miles
15'05" pace

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