Half Marathon, Day 14

50 minutes
5.61 miles
8'54" pace

I am starting to feel like a real runner, complete with shin splints and ridiculous blisters UNDER the calluses on my big toes (thank you, deformed tendons!). Today, I thought I was going to get two miles from my house and have to call my husband to pick me up because my right shin hurt so bad. It's been aching for a while, even when I am sitting at my desk at work, but it hasn't impacted me like that at the beginning of a run before. I pushed through and made it home after 35 minutes and then decided to at least make it to 45. I actually did 50, and was on pace to set more PRs, but I want to make sure I can run again tomorrow so I called it quits. Now I am contemplating wearing flats to work for a few days to let my leg chill out. I didn't know this race would impact my fashion choices, too!! :)

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