Day 03 – A Song That Makes Me Cry

Many songs have made me cry the first time I heard them.

The first time I heard I loved her First by Heartland, I was six months away from my wedding & knew my dad wanted to dance to it. I was in the backseat of my parent's car after looking at the house they'd eventually purchase -- the place they'd move to after leaving the only house I'd ever known. The insurmountable change I knew I was facing suddenly became more than I could handle on a gray February day in Ohio.

I still remember hearing Something to be Proud Of by Montgomery Gentry for the first time. I was in the audio department at Circuit City and something overtook me. I think it was the story of the simple life that we all can be proud of.

For a long time after I moved to Georgia, many country songs would get to me. I'd be stuck in rush hour traffic on I-85 south and find myself sobbing. It wasn't any particular song. In fact, I couldn't name anything specifically that made my tears fall. It was simply the reminder of home, my parents and the life I no longer had.

So I guess it's not even one song that makes me cry, it's just whatever song that speaks to me based on what is going on in my life at that time.

The good news? Nothing is making me cry of late! :)

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