Run, Forrest, Run!

I've watched Forrest Gump no less than 20 times in my life. I have the soundtrack. I've visited the square in Savannah. I can quote damn near the entire movie.

Even so, in my wonderful Midwestern existance, I never realized the value of Forrest's football career.

I get that all the occurances in Forrest's life were made to be happenstance situations that were actually signifigant parts of Americana. So please explain to me how I missed BEAR BRYANT?

I knew who Bear Bryant was in Ohio -- in fact, I still have a copy of some quotes of his that I took from the field house in high school. Good quotes, but I didn't know who he was to football, to college football or to Alabama. Imagine my suprise when it dawned on me yesterday that the man on my TV was not just wearing ANY houndstooth hat -- that was Mr. Hounstooth Hat himself!

It's such a shame I must hate Alabama, but Forrest Gump sure does make them slightly more likeable. :)

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