Weekends are NEVER long enough

I've been meaning to post this since Sunday, but marathon study sessions for today's accounting test took precedence, unfortunately. Fortunately, the test was tonight, and despite the fact that I slept for just over an hour last night, gave myself a tension headache from clenching my jaw all day today and nearly had a panic attack before the test... I think it went well!

I don't know what my deal was with this test -- I've never been one to have test anxiety, but wow! Today was the prime example of why I'm glad it's been an experience I've lived without for 24 years. I think I'm still apprehensive after I had trouble in finance, but I must persevere! :) I realized today that I have TWENTY FIVE months until I'm done with school. GAG. All I know is that I'm going to have one heck of a shindig when I'm done. I didn't make a big deal of anything when I graduated from undergrad, so I'm going all out...in 2011. Save the date!

At any rate, James & I had a fabulous, albeit uneventful, weekend. We're members at the High Museum here in Atlanta, and once a month they have Friday Jazz, so we headed off for a nice, relaxing evening. It's a little loud and crowded downstairs, but we found that if you go up and browse the galleries or sit in the upstairs lounges, it's much more enjoyable. Monet's Water Lilies are there right now, so we checked them out, though I saw them in Cleveland with a much larger collection of his work. I was disappointed -- for this being the High's big exhibit -- 3 paintings + three Water Lilies panels was disappointing. Cleveland did better than that, even while they were under renovation! We liked the Terracotta Warriors better.

And speaking of Terracotta Warriors... General Tso has moved into our apartment. We went to see that exhibit three different times because it was just so interesting, and more than once we had to resist dropping a couple thou on a four foot tall, hand-made replica warrior. They were awesome. So when we dropped into the gift shop on Friday and saw this nifty little 20-inch version for a tiny fraction of the price, we could.not.resist. He lives on our bar for now, but I need to find him a better home... in my free time.

Anyway, that's all for tonight -- sleep is calling! G'night.

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