Celebrity Rant

I have gotten over my love for trashy magazines. While I once disregarded their lack of ethics and credibility, as both a person & a journalist, I finally decided I'd had enough.

I am also a non-fan of 98 percent of reality TV shows, especially those chronicling the lives of celebrities who are famous for little or nothing. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Hills, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, and even Run's House (which I do like) are pretty much publicity trains for people with little else going on in their lives.

Q: What's worse than these two things?

A: Trashy celebrity magazines that cover the so-called stars of reality TV.

Why then was I compelled to click on this story about Heidi & Spencer of The Hills? I plead temporary insanity, or maybe I was hoping the headline of "Heidi Montag's mom accuses Spencer Pratt of drugging her daughter" was actually true because that would at least be semi-news--young man drugs girlfriend, takes her to Mexico & forces her into wedlock.

The article did nothing but waste several minutes of my time and inspire me to write this blog (which, face it, is still not the most productive use of my day, but gosh! I'm dragging you down with me!).

Time out for background:I'm a HUGE fan of weddings and everything involved in them. I may be the only person on the earth who L-O-V-E loved every day of wedding planning and seriously didn't stress about, oh, anything. So naturally, I wanted to see Heidi's rock.

So what did I learn? This is quite possibly the worst wedding ring, ever. It's cool if your ring doesn't have diamonds, but what on earth is that thing?

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