Welcome to Atlanta

It’s way too early

But I'm up anyway, enjoying my coffee as I watch the sun come up. If I look over the formerly abandoned projects and past the old folks high-rise (They're under rennovation now. I hope they're not going to be projects again.), it's quite nice! :) I got a note from our property manager in the door last night, sometime post-10:30, and it brought two questions to mind. One, who the hell is wandering around sticking notes in our doors at that hour (not that it's that late, but goodness, the office closes at 5! Someone must have stayed VERY late!) Two, WHO THE HELL IS ROBBING PEOPLE AT GUNPOINT IN MY PARKING DECK? (well, visitor parking anyway). And as it it wasn't bad enough, the perpetrator took not only the man's wallet, but also his dog. Talk about fucking up someone's day.

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