Find Your Spot

Find YOUR Spot

Botz told me about this Web site called FindYourSpot.com, which is supposed to help you figure out where you want to/should live. It asks you all kinds of questions about your life, hobbies, interests and preferences for everything from government to climate.

While I have no opportunity to move at any point in the near future, I found my results intriguing.

Augusta, GA - quite close to there, actually, but not the city I'd prefer.
Phoenix, AZ - I love, obv.
Tuscon, AZ - Never been, but I love Arizona, so I'm sure I'd like this, too.
Chesapeake/Virginia Beach, VA - I found this interesting. I think it's because of my preference for weather, convenient mountain/woods/beach terrain & culture.
Orlando, FL - No clue why? Warm? Beach?
Charlotte, NC - I think this is along the lines of Virginia Beach

I won't go through all the rest, but I found an interesting trend--one of big ol' Texas-size proportions. Nearly 1/4 of the cities on my list are from that state. I also hit the three major cities in Tennessee as well as three in Florida. Similarly interesting is that an Ohio city came up on the list before Atlanta.

I guess I mostly learned that the south is where I belong (I consider that Cincinnati nonsense a fluke), and other than Texas, the southeast, especially.

Charleston SC
Houston TX
Norfolk VA
Memphis TN
Fort Worth TX
Oklahoma City OK
Tampa FL
Austin TX
El Paso TX
West Palm Beach FL
St. Louis (dangerous!) MI
Nashville TN
San Antonio TX
Dallas TX
Jacksonville FL
Cincinnati OH
Atlanta GA
Knoxville TN

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