A little TOO green

As we know, I'm a big fan of environmentally friendly behavior, but I think Crate & Barrel has managed to take it one step too far. For the small price of just 39.99, you can now be the proud owner of a countertop compost pail.

"Countertop-worthy design, an odor-absorbing filter, and generous one-gallon capacity make this shining stainless pail the ideal way to compost right in the kitchen. Dishwasher-safe pail is outfitted with a replaceable charcoal filter. A single filter absorbs odors for approximately 3 months; simply remove the filter from the lid and replace with a new one."

Composting is great -- we always did it when I was growing up. But our compost was in a barrel.
Behind the garage.
In the back of the yard.
In the garden.

Not on my kitchen counter.

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